OnwardUS + BrightHive Solutions means Data Security you can trust


As a mission-driven data trust company, BrightHive is proud to partner with OnwardUS, across the nation in each State, in providing a one stop resource to help State governors serve workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic. BrightHive will work with OnwardWA’s partners in state government as well as state-wide social service provider networks to help them collectively increase the quality, availability and use of their COVID-19 related data.

BrightHive Solution

This partnership will ensure OnwardWA is providing citizens with the most up-to-date information as they seek out support services, skills training, and employment in the wake of the pandemic. It also ensures that public trust in state-provided information is maintained by standing up a rapid response data trust, BrightHive’s legal, technical, and governance framework for data sharing. As a result of this partnership, states engaging with OnwardWA will be able to responsibly and effectively share data, better coordinate their efforts, and put their data to work for the out of work.

What is a Data Trust?

A data trust is a legal structure that provides independent stewardship of data. Data trusts can steward, maintain and manage how data is used and shared — from who is allowed access to it, and under what terms, to who gets to define the terms, and how. They can involve a number of approaches to solving a range of problems, creating different structures to experiment with governance models and solutions in an agile way.